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• Map how water flows through your facility’s water systems
• Identify Legionella control locations
• Collaborate and share with your water management program team
• Add diagram to ASHRAE 188 water management plans
• Export report data to fulfill document requirements

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Everything you need to map how water flows through your building water systems for Legionella risk management.

Enter your information and get an automatically generated diagram!

• Water system templates you can customize
• Add from a complete list of components
• Show water type: hot, cold, utility
• Draw connections
• Reposition layout of components

Identify Legionella control locations

Managing risk of Legionella in your building water systems helps prevent disease

Studies show Legionella is found in up to 50% of all building water systems.

Identifying, analyzing, and managing risk empowers you to respond—not react—if Legionella is found.

Comply with ASHRAE 188

LegiMapper fulfills ASHRAE 188 section 6.2.3

ANSI/ASHRAE 188-2018: Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems describes process flow diagrams as "a step-by-step drawing of a building water system that includes the location of all water processing steps, including but not limited to conditioning, storing, heating, cooling, recirculation, and distribution—that are part of the building water systems."



Do I need to download LegiMapper?

No. LegiMapper is a web-based program that runs on Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge do not support LegiMapper.

Do all building water systems have Legionella?

No. Studies show Legionella can be found in up to half of all building water systems. The only way to know if your facility has Legionella is to test.

Is compliance with ASHRAE 188 mandatory?

While ASHRAE 188 isn't mandatory it is considered an industry best practices, so you may risk liability if you do not meet the requirements.



LegiMapper subscriptions are designed to meet the needs of facilities from small to large. Levels include: professional and business executive. Subscriptions are active for one month and can be renewed monthly or paid annually. LegiMapper support and Legionella consultation is available with each plan and can be purchased al a carte.


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  • Single user
  • Unlimited diagrams
  • Download diagram and Report (PDF)


$ 24.99 /mo paid monthly

$ 20.99 /mo paid annually

  • Ability to share diagrams
  • Editing functionality on shared diagrams available to paid subscriptions
  • Unlimited diagrams
  • Download diagram (PDF, PNG)
  • Download report (PDF, CSV)

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